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Entrance To Knights Edge ShowroomRitter Steel was born of Knights Edge in 1995 in an effort to provide unique designs of high quality swords and medieval weaponry. We provide our customers a wide assortment of swords, knives, daggers and armor. In addition Knights Edge offers sterling and pewter jewelry, figurines from dragons to gargoyles to skulls, banners, and home decor.

We would like to thank our old friends who have helped us grow since the year 1994, and welcome new ones to share in the magical excitement and wonders of our medieval world...

Believing that everyone likes unusual items which inspire awe and admiration from their friends and colleagues, Knights Edge Ltd. continues to travel the world from ancient medieval towns to bustling mKnights Edge Buildingodern day hubs with one mission in mind - "To find great treasures and bring to you their charm and romance at an affordable price." We don't stop there, and unlike other companies who merely resell, Knights Edge Ltd. is the designer and exclusive importer of much of what we carry. From our Majestic European Swords, awesome medieval weaponry and hand-crafted pieces, you can be assured of the quality, as we personally evaluate and test each item for consideration in our catalog. We are especially proud of our exclusive product lines such as Ritter Steel™, Stage Steel™ and Valiant Arms™ lines of weaponry and with your support, we will continue to grow and add new and exciting items by seeking out artisans and craftsmen from around the world. As was once said, "Life is what you make of it! Paupers to PrinceKnights Edge Showrooms, the happiest are those who are self-fulfilled". So if you wish to touch upon the age of Chivalry and Honor, just browse our catalog or make an appointment to visit our authentically themed 2000 sq. ft. showroom filled with items that will fill your heart with the excitement, mystery and magic of an unforgettable medieval era!

Whether you are a  serious collector, re-enactor, professor, decorator, gamer or just a novice historian, you will find items that will capture your interest. Our quality Ritter Steel™ swords are handmade withCorner of RitterSteel Edge Armory natural and period materials. Each functional blade is individually hand forged over hot coals as the originals and are worthy of heirloom collecting! Our "Authentics Collection™" weaponry under our Ritter Steel™ name have been created to not only duplicate but give the blackened real appearance of the original pieces found in Castle excavations of Europe. The collection includes 6 ft long halberds, functional flails and maces with 3" spikes, a brutal war hammer, war club and double headed axe spanning over 18" across! Blackened seared wood handles add to its authentic appearance. You friends will definitely wonder how you could afford an original antique, but you will know the truth. 

We are here to serve you................Knights Edge Ltd.


Ritter Steel products are designed and sold by the folks at Knights Edge

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