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Vampire sword, an incredible fantasy sword, functional, and battle ready.
The Vampire Sword
Members of our kind, yet different... nocturnal brethren to our daylight counterparts. VAMPIRES, friends or foe? For centuries, living kindred lives among the mortal world, forever leaving the truth in obscurity or be hunted if the truth be known. A never-ending fight for their lives... This is their sword! This impressive 41-1/2” two-handed functional Vampire Sword™ is hand-crafted with a 31-1/2“ long hand forged high carbon steel blade tempered and hardened over hot coals by master sword makers who skillfully grind each blade with three long “blood grooves”. A polished ebony wood grip and solid hand poured brass pommel and guard complete the masterpiece. It is a true work of art to be appreciated..... for Eternity! Matching black leather scabbard included. 

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